TCP Curriculum Information

Requirements for the Teacher Certification Program (TCP)

Students enrolled in the TCP complete six courses, clinical experiences in the schools, certification testing and student teaching.

Education Coursework: Students in the TCP complete six education (EDU) courses prior to student teaching. They are:

EDU 201 – Educational Psychology 3 credits

EDU 207 – Principles of Secondary Education 3 credits

EDU 304 – The Child with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom 3 credits

EDU 402 – Educational Measurement 3 credits

EDU 404 – Reading in the Content Area 3 credits

EDU 410 – General Methods 3 credits

Students may receive up to 6 hours of transfer credit for Education courses, not including Student Teaching.

Clinical experiences:  All students in the TCP complete 60 hours of experience in school settings prior to student teaching. Our Placement Director works with TCP students to arrange their clinical experiences, which are often completed at one of our partner schools. 

Certification testing: All students seeking certification must complete the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Praxis test for grades 7-12 and a content area test. All TCP content certification areas except Italian require a passing score on the appropriate Praxis content area test. Certification in Italian requires the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) assessment because Praxis does not offer a test for Italian.

Student teaching: Student teaching is a full-time, 12-week experience in classroom in grades 7-12, which is often completed in one of our partner schools. It is the final requirement in the Teacher  Certification Program. The Clinical Educator (host teacher) and a Providence College faculty member provide supervision and feedback throughout the experience. Weekly seminars are conducted by the faculty member, as well. Students register for EDU 455 – Student Teaching in the Secondary School 9 credits (3 courses).