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  • “Thank you to the staff at Providence College SCE for your guidance and support; it has given me a second chance in fulfilling my dreams. I am truly blessed.” - Veronica Lopez, '18SCE #celebratin...

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  • Big congratulations to John McNeil '14SCE on being appointed assistant principal of Lincoln Middle School!

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  • Dad: A first teacher, a lasting influence, and a rock of strength and support for everything in between. #HappyFathersDay

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  • Take a look at our country's history from a lesser-known perspective - that of minorities, including African Americans, native Americans, and women - with our 5-week History of Minorities in the U.S....

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  • Henry VIII and his 6 wives. The real "Bloody Mary." Elizabeth I who executed her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots... Delve into their dramatic history with our special seminar The Tudors, Tues & Thurs eve...

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