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Special Topic Descriptions

Spring 2023: Descriptions of Special Topics and Seminar Courses

HIS 481, ST: Tudors

When Henry Tudor retrieved the crown from the vanquished Richard III on Bosworth Field he initiated one of the most fascinating dynasties in English history. His son, Henry VIII, in a desperate quest for a son and heir, would declare himself Supreme Head of the Church and marry the second of his six wives. We will examine in detail his tumultuous reign and those of his three children: Edward VI, who, still a child when his father died, was manipulated by unscrupulous men; Mary I, whose attempts to restore England to the Church of Rome earned her the sobriquet, “Bloody Mary”; and Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen,” who resolved to be dominated by no man, imprisoned and executed her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, and against whom the Spanish king launched the “invincible” armada.

HCA 470: Hot Topics in Health Care

This course will look at some of the major issues/topics in the healthcare industry that Healthcare Administrators are faced with today. Topics such as staffing shortages, nursing shortages, collective bargaining and mandatory vaccines will be discussed in real time and how they affect healthcare delivery systems. Students will work in a collaborative fashion by gathering information on chosen topics they feel are important in their current place of employment. Course will be hybrid in nature; mostly online with Zoom meetings to be determined by the Instructor.

LDR 490 ST: Project Management

Addresses key concepts and methodologies of project management and how these are applied to successfully implement projects of all sizes. Focuses on mixing project management theory with the practical issues managers face in applying project management concepts. Students will examine project management software and will use that to complete an actual project during the course.