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Spring Courses Fulfilling Core and Proficiency Requirements

Courses by DepartmentCore and Proficiency Requirements
ARH 271 America Through the Camera’s EyesFine Arts & Diversity
BIO 106 General Biology II
Natural Science
CHM 104 General Chemistry II
Natural Science
COM 103 Introduction to Public Speaking
Oral Communication
COM 120 Writing for Communications Writing I
ECN 102 Principles of Economics (Macro) Social Science
ENG 209 Young Adult LiteratureTeamwork & Collaboration
ENG 282 Reading and Writing Short StoriesWriting I
GST 101 Introduction to Global Studies Civic Engagement
HCA 200
Epidemiology and Public Health
Social Science
INT 101 Perspectives on Western Civilization Information Literacy
INT 480 Capstone Writing II
LDR 201 Leadership and DiversityDiversity
LDR 481 Leading TeamsTeamwork & Collaboration
MGT 301 Organizational BehaviorDiversity
MTH 217 Introduction to StatisticsQuantitative Reasoning
NSC 215 Marine EcologyNatural Science
NSC 360 Exercise Physiology Natural Science
PHL 202 General Ethics Ethics
PHL 335 Brave New Philosophies Philosophy & Diversity
PSP 101 Intro to Service Democratic SocietyCivic Engagement, Teamwork and Collaboration
PSY 324 Abnormal Psychology Social Science
SOC 307 Urban Sociology Diversity
SOC 323 Contemporary Social Problems Diversity, Social Science
THL 200 Foundations of TheologyTheology I
THL 330 Early Christian DoctrineTheology II
THL 350 Christ, Word and Redeemer Theology II