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Summer Courses Fulfilling Core and Proficiency Requirements

Courses by DepartmentCore and Proficiency
ARH 101 Introduction to Art History Fine Art
BIO 122 Human Biology Natural Science
CHM 103 General Chemistry I Natural Science
COM 103 Public SpeakingOral Communication
COM 375 Intercultural Communication Diversity
ECN 101 Micro Economics Social Science
ENG 101 Writing Seminar Writing I
ENG 175 Introduction to Literature Writing I
ENG 231 Survey of British Literature I Writing II
EPS 117 AstronomyNatural Science
FIN 218 Financial Markets & InstitutionsCivic/Global Engagement
GST 101 Introduction to Global StudiesCivic Engagement
HIS 100 Thinking and Writing about HistoryWriting I
HIS 212 History of Rhode Island Collaboration and Teamwork
HIS 345 History of the Modern Middle EastDiversity & Writing II
HIS 480 American History: Jefferson & Jackson Writing II
INT 270 Intersection of Sport and SocietyDiversity
MTH 108 Math for Business Analysis II Quantitative Reasoning
MTH 109 Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning
MTH 110 Calculus II Quantitative Reasoning
MTH 217 StatisticsQuantitative Reasoning
MSC 210 Music AppreciationFine Art
NSC 215 Marine Ecology Natural Science
PHL 101 Logic Philosophy
PHL 103 Intro to PhilosophyPhilosophy
PHL 202 General Ethics Philosophy - Ethics
PHL 306 Business EthicsPhilosophy - Ethics
PHL 407 Philosophy of ArtPhilosophy
PSC 101 PoliticsCivic/Global Engagement & Social Science
PSY 100 Intro to Psychology Social Science
SOC 101 Intro to SociologySocial Science
SOC 301 Sociology of the Family Diversity & Social Science
SOC 305 Race and Racism Diversity
TDF 102 Intro to Oral CommunicationOral Communication
THL 240 Theology of St. Thomas AquinasTheology I
THL 270 Growth in Christian LifeTheology I
THL 322 The Synoptic Gospels Theology II
THL 376 Catholic Social ThoughtTheology II