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SCE Fall Courses Fulfilling Core and Proficiency Requirements

Courses by DepartmentCore and Proficiency Requirements
ART 110 Desktop Publishing Fine Art
BIO 105 General Biology Natural Science
BIO 105L General Biology Lab Natural Science
BIO 122 Human Biology Natural Science
CHM 103 General Chemistry INatural Science
COM 103 Public SpeakingOral Communication
ENG 194 Science Fiction Writing I
ENG 201 Literature of the Harlem RenaissanceDiversity
HIS 103 U.S. History to 1877 Social Science
HIS 480 Dismantling Slavery Diversity, Social Science, Writing II
INT 101 Perspectives on Western CivilizationsInformation Literacy
LAW 479 ST: Race and the Justice System Diversity, Social Science
LDR 302 Leadership-Technology Global Issues Teamwork & Collaboration
MTH 105 Intro to Mathematical Methods Quantitative Reasoning
NSC 215 Marine EcologyNatural Science
PHL 207 Philosophy of the Human PersonPhilosophy
PHL 301 Ethics, Moral Leadership and Common GoodPhilosophy-Ethics, Civic/Global Engagement
PHL 314 Philosophy of Violence Philosophy
PSY 306 Child and Adolescent Development Social Science
SSC 209 Research Methods Social Science
THL 250 Principles of Catholicism Theology I
THL 260 Religions of the World Theology I
THL 346 Contemporary Christian Thought Theology II
THL 362 Sacraments Theology II