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SCE Spring Courses Fulfilling Core and Proficiency Requirements

Courses by DepartmentCore and Proficiency Requirements
ARH 271 America Through the Camera’s EyesFine Arts & Diversity
BIO 106 General Biology II
Natural Science
CHM 104 General Chemistry II
Natural Science
ENG 282: Reading & Writing Short StoriesWriting I
HCA 470: Current Topics in HealthcareTeamwork
INT 101 Perspectives on Western CivilizationInformation Literacy
INT 480 Capstone Writing II
LDR 201 Leadership and DiversityDiversity
LDR 481 Leading TeamsTeamwork & Collaboration
LDR 490: Project ManagementTeamwork
LDR 491 Capstone: Leading Change WRT II
MGT 301 Organization BehaviorDiversity
MTH 105 Intro to Mathematical MethodsQuantitative Reasoning
MTH 217 Introduction to StatisticsQuantitative Reasoning
MGT 301 Organization BehaviorDiversity
PHL 202 General EthicsPhilosophy-Ethics
PSY 127 Psychology of WellnessSocial Science
SOC 304 Social MovementsSocial Science
THL 260 Religions of the WorldTheology I
THL 312 Old Testament Theology II
THL 352 Theology of Human PersonTheology II