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Natasha Bruno: From CCRI to PC While a Professional and a Parent

Natasha Bruno is a hard-working professional from Boston, working as an account manager in the insurance industry. She’s also a mother and a recent college graduate – and she’s got even more goals in sight.

Bruno graduated from the Community College of Rhode Island in 2014 with an Associate’s degree in General Studies and enrolled at Providence College School of Continuing Education in 2015 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in History. She earned that degree in spring of 2017 and is already planning to pursue a law degree with a focus on insurance.

It’s a lot to have tackled as a busy working mom, but Bruno says that her experiences at CCRI and PC SCE helped to set her up for success.

“My experiences at PC and CCRI were almost identical. My time at CCRI was very positive. All of the staff, from advisers to professors, are very good at what they do. They understand their roles as educators and how to assist students in achieving their education goals; they treat the students with respect. I also enjoyed being in a classroom setting with people I may not have interacted with otherwise,” Bruno says.

“Once I graduated from CCRI, I selected Providence College to pursue my bachelor’s degree because of their teaching program but more importantly, when I contacted PC about attending, on two separate occasions, the people with whom I spoke were patient and knowledgeable. The transition from CCRI to PC was easy.”

While the transition between the two colleges may have been easy, Bruno concedes that as a working adult with a family completing a college education does have its challenges. But, she says, it’s worth it.

“Really, I remember the experience as a whirlwind of essays and reading! Time management is necessary when going back to school while working and taking care of a household. I tried to tailor my courses toward my interests of law and history, making getting work done much easier. It was hard, but I would not trade it for anything,” Bruno says.

CCRI and PC SCE are working together to make stories like Bruno’s attainable for even more adults who want to further their education, through the new “GATA” program, which stands for Guaranteed Admission and Tuition Agreement.

The program offers qualifying CCRI students guaranteed admission to SCE with a 33% reduction in tuition. To qualify, current CCRI students must apply before earning 30 credits and must graduate with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher. The SCE discount is available for five years after application and remains in effect as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA and earns a minimum of 12 credits per academic year at SCE.


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