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4 Tips for Successful Studying

4 Tips for Successful Studying

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Studying is essential for successful learning, yet few students know how to study most effectively. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the latest research shows that students who study smarter, not harder, reap the greatest rewards.

Here are four keys to successful studying, according to the experts:
1.Take an active approach
Re-reading and highlighting may create familiarity with the text, but not necessarily comprehension and retention of the material. Use practice tests and verbal quizzing to test your knowledge and cement the information in your memory. According to a 2015 study at Boston College, students who quizzed each other got higher grades than those who didn’t.
2.Study in frequent, short sessions
Skip the caffeine-fueled cram sessions before the exam and opt instead for frequent and consistent short study sessions of about 45 minutes each throughout the semester.
3.Create (and follow) a study plan
When a test is approaching, having a plan can help. Think about what questions you would expect to see on the test, the resources available to help you learn that material, and how you’ll use those resources to study.
4.Look beyond the book
Sp​eaking of resources, class notes and textbooks aren’t the only ones available to you. A 2017 study found that college students got better grades when they searched for and used other resources, such as instructional YouTube videos and taking advantage of instructors’ office hours. PC’s Office of Academic Services also offers Study Strategies and Study Skills workshops throughout the year.

Information in this post was sourced from a recent article by the Education Advisory Board.

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