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How PC Makes It Possible

PC’S School of Continuing Education – SCE – makes it possible for busy adults to achieve a degree in so many ways… We understand the challenges adult students face. We also know how to help our students overcome them so that they can achieve their goals. Nothing provides better proof of that than the inspiring stories of our students and alumni. Here are just some of those stories from recent SCE grads, along with helpful insights and resources to help you discover how PC can make it possible for you, too.

How PC Makes it PossibleHow PC Makes It Possible: More Affordable Than Many State Schools
Many adult students mistakenly assume that because PC is a private school, our School of Continuing Education must be expensive.
In fact, SCE is more affordable than many state schools. Here’s how the tuition and fees stack up >


Jared Dodge Adult Learner School of Continuing Education GraduateJared Dodge, Boston, MA – ’16SCE, BA Liberal Studies
“When you start something new you have so much anxiety. You’re nervous, you’re uncomfortable, but what I’ve come to learn is that when you have that discomfort that’s when you’re growing the most. That was my biggest challenge, worrying did I have enough time, enough money, am I going to do well. But I’ve learned to use that feeling of being uncomfortable and just do what it takes to conquer all the smaller challenges one by one. I took classes in the fall and spring, as well as five classes the next summer, so I was able to finish earlier than expected…” See what Jared is doing now >

How PC Makes it Possible to Transfer CreditsHow PC Makes it Possible: Transfer-Friendly & Credit for Life Experience
You’re ready to get that degree, but concerned about the cost and time commitment to get there. Here’s some good news: our generous transfer policy and credit for prior experience can help cut down on both the financial and time commitment required.
Here’s how it works >


17 SCE Grad Robert GianfrancescoRobert Gianfrancesco, North Smithfield, RI – ‘17SCE, BA Liberal Studies
“In addition to being an electrician and owner of Alternative Clean Energy Solar Store, I teach electrical technology at Providence Career and Technical Academy. Because I’m a public school teacher I had to get my bachelors degree to keep my job as a teacher. SCE took into consideration all of my education for prior credit and made me feel like family from the beginning. All my teachers cared about my success and about me personally. The combination of these two reasons made it very easy to succeed and finish my degree.”

Flexible Class FormatsHow PC Makes It Possible: Flexible Schedules and Online Classes

Finding the time to go back to school is a common concern for adult students, but our flexible scheduling and online classes make it easier for you to complete your coursework on a timeline that works best for you. See our “3+5” formula for flexible class formats and schedules >


Jannet Sanchez, Adult Learner, SCE GraduateJannet Sanchez, Central Falls, RI – ‘17SCE, BA Social Science
“SCE has made it possible for me to (finally) earn my degree thanks to the affordability of the courses and flexibility of schedule. Additionally, the incredible resourcefulness and support of Jennifer Andrews, SCE’s academic advisor, along with the help and responsiveness of SCE’s administrative staff made for a very smooth transition.”


Financial Aid for Adult Students How to ApplyHow PC Makes It Possible: Financial Aid for Adult Students in Six Easy Steps
YES! Financial aid is available to adult students continuing their education. Applying can be done online in six easy steps and our financial aid counselors are always here to help. This helpful infographic shows you how >



Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez, Mother and Aspiring Entrepreneur – ‘18SCE, BA Leadership Development
“Getting into a good college seemed out of reach when I was in high school, and now here I am. The support they have students at SCE is amazing. It’s so hard for people in similar situations to mine to get back into school because of work and family. It can feel like it’s just a dream, but at SCE they really work with you to make it a reality. My advice to others who want to earn a degree is to just go with it; sign up for one class and just do it. Don’t think about the obstacles that get in your way because through faith, life works itself out.” Read Veronica’s story >

Seven Ways to Afford CollegeHow PC Makes It Possible: 7 Ways to Afford the Degree You’ve Always Wanted. For many adults who dream of earning a college degree, paying for school can seem like a daunting obstacle. The truth is it doesn’t have to. There are many resources available to help you pay for the education you need today so that you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your future.
Here’s what you need to know >


Gina LearyGina Leary-Almeida, ‘12SCE, BA Liberal Studies – From Single Mom to College Grad, Business Owner and Women’s Mentor
“The most difficult part of going back to school was not believing in myself initially. But after two semesters, I knew I had it. I always tell people, higher education isn’t only about learning skills but also learning about yourself. In my opinion I think PC offers the opportunity to learn how to be a self-starter, a self-studier, and after that nothing is out of your grasp.” Read Gina’s story >


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