Graduation To-Do List

Step One: Contact Your Advisor

The semester before you plan to graduate, refer to your online degree audit available through CyberFriar and contact your academic advisor to discuss the completion of your degree requirements.

Step Two: Apply for Graduation

You must submit the SCE Intent to Graduate form and fee payment to the SCE office by the deadlines below. Please make sure to confirm how you wish your name to appear on your diploma and provide phonetic pronunciation for your name if necessary.


October 1 – December graduates

February 1 May graduates

Step Three: Confirm Your Graduation Status

Once we receive your form and payment, the SCE office will review your academic record for graduation and will mail your Graduation Audit Summary, which will indicate any courses you must complete in order to satisfy degree requirements. Note: You may have no more than six credits outstanding in order to be a May graduate and to participate in Commencement.

Step Four: Order your Cap and Gown

March 5 – April 7 – Order your cap and gown online from specified vendor. Watch for order information by email to graduates. Applies only to graduates who have received their Graduation Audit Summary.

May 7 – 11 – Pick up your cap and gown in SCE office.

Step Five: Pickup Commencement Tickets

April 16 – May 18 – Commencement tickets and (generic) invitations available in SCE office.

Step Six: Join us for the Annual SCE Graduation and Recognition Dinner

May 17, Reception 6:00 p.m., Dinner 6:30 p.m.  Watch for email invitations to graduates

Step Seven: Participate in Commencement

May 20, Dunkin Donuts Center, 11:00 am
Congratulations on your accomplishment! Providence College’s Commencement is held annually in May. If you are graduating in May, or if you graduated in December of the previous year, you will be invited to participate in Commencement.

Please note that you must have applied for graduation to participate in the ceremony. Refer to the above dates. If you have questions, contact SCE at or 401.865.2487.

Step Eight: Receive Your Degree

After you are cleared for graduation, your degree will be conferred (i.e., program completion will be indicated in your records, including your official transcript) – according to the dates below and your diploma will be released to you. Please remember that participation in the annual Commencement Ceremony does not constitute official graduation from PC. You must complete all degree requirements and fulfill any financial obligations before your degree can be conferred. Only then will you receive your diploma and be considered a graduate of PC.

Conferral Dates

Diplomas are released only to those graduates who have successfully satisfied their degree requirements and fulfilled their financial commitments to the College.

  • May graduates who fulfill all of the above requirements and who participate in Commencement will receive their diplomas at the event.
  • May graduates who fulfill all of the above requirements and do not attend Commencement will be contacted by PC’s Office of Enrollment Services to have their diploma picked up or mailed to them.
  • December graduates who fulfill all of the above requirements will receive their diplomas in mid- January of the following year. You will be contacted by PC’s Office of Enrollment Services to have the diploma picked up or mailed to you.