Winter Courses Fulfilling Core and Proficiency Requirements

Courses by DepartmentCore and Proficiency Requirements
BIO 122: Human BiologyNatural Science
CSC 120 Applied Data AnalyticsQuantitative Reasoning
ENG 301 Intermediate WritingWRT II
EPS 117: AstronomyNatural Science
FIN 218: Financial Markets/Institutions
Civic Engagement
GST 101: Global StudiesCivic & Global Engagement
HIS 344: Colonialism & Nationalism Modern AfricaDiversity
MTH 108 Math Business Analysis II Quantitative Reasoning
PHL 101: LogicPhilosophy
PHL 202: General EthicsPhilosophy Ethics
PHL 306: Business EthicsPhilosophy Ethics
PSC 101: Intro to PoliticsSocial Science & Civic & Global Engagement
TDF 101: Theatre AppreciationFine Arts
THL 220: Foundations of TheologyTheology I
THL 394: Women & ChristianityTheology II