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Teacher Certification and Mathematics Master of Education

Are you interested in becoming a middle or high school teacher and sharing your love of mathematics? Do you have a degree or strong background in math? Are you looking for a program that sets you on a path for teacher certification and a master’s degree? Our combined Teacher Certification Program [TCP] and Mathematics [M.Ed.] is for you.

This one-of-a-kind program is offered by the Providence College Schools of Continuing Education and Arts and Sciences. It provides a path to secondary grades certification and developing your advanced math skills in this high-demand subject area.

The TCP/M.Ed. will provide you with:

  • Certification to teach secondary (grades 7 – 12) Mathematics (with completion of  course work, clinical experiences in the school setting, student teaching and successful completion of certification exams – view the complete TCP curriculum for details)
  • A part-time, flexible course schedule, with courses offered year-round in the late afternoon or evening, as well as online
  • Expert faculty with extensive classroom and administrative experience, including current and former teachers, principals and superintendents
  • A small, close-knit community of other motivated adult learners like yourself in a small class environment
  • Personal attention and advising before you begin, throughout the program, and after you’ve achieved certification. TCP Coordinator Dr. Katherine Hibbard brings over 35 years of teaching experience as well as experience as a college certification officer and can guide you through the ins and outs of Rhode Island’s teacher certification process.
  • Surprisingly affordable tuition that’s less than most state schools in the region with financial aid available.
  • Program from a prestigious institution – Providence College has repeatedly been named the top regional university in the northern U.S. by U.S. News and World Report.
  • The ability to teach in 46 states; the TCP is approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education for full initial certification and can be used (through reciprocity) to achieve certification/licensure in at least 45 other states.

The TCP/M.Ed. in Mathematics Education Curriculum
Our curriculum addresses the biggest challenges in today’s high school classroom. You’ll learn about classroom management, cultural competency, project-based learning,  working with students who are English learners, and other best practices, while also developing your high-level mathematics skills. The curriculum is tailored around the knowledge you already have and what you’ll need to be an effective teacher.

The curriculum includes:

  • Coursework: 42 credits as outlined in the required course list below
  • Clinical Experience: 60 hours of experience in school settings prior to student teaching. Our Placement Director works with TCP students to arrange their clinical experiences, which are often completed at one of our partner schools
  • Certification Testing: All students seeking Secondary Mathematics certification must complete two Praxis certification tests: Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) test for grades 7-12 and the Mathematics content area test.
  • Student Teaching: Student teaching is a full-time, 12-week experience in classroom in grades 7-12, which is often completed in one of our partner schools. It is the final requirement in the Teacher Certification Program. The Clinical Educator (host teacher) and a Providence College faculty member provide supervision and feedback throughout the experience. Weekly seminars are conducted by the faculty member, as well. Students register for EDU 455 – Student Teaching in the Secondary School (9 credits/3 courses)**

Required Courses

  • EDU 791: Educational Psychology
  • EDU 792: Principles of Secondary Education
  • EDU 786: The Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom
  • EDU 785: Educational Measurement
  • EDU 622: Reading in the Content Area
  • EDU 787: Methods Secondary Education
  • EDU 455: Student Teaching (9 credits)
  • Five Graduate Math Courses ( 15 credits)

Total Credits = 42

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