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Take a Class

Here in SCE, you do not need to be enrolled in a degree program in order to take classes. You can simply register. The “non-degree” option is great if you’re: visiting from another school and want to take a summer class; seeking to fulfill pre-requisites for graduate study; interested in personal enrichment; or thinking about going back to school and eager to try a class or two before applying.

Classes are offered evenings and online – with occasional Saturday options. Most classes meet over 15-weeks during the fall and spring semesters, with the addition of a few seven-week term classes. During the winter and summer, you’ll find many accelerated classes to choose from, with some terms as short as one-week.

Students fall into two main categories: non-degree and degree seeking students.

Non-degree students are not planning to complete a degree at SCE, but want to take classes. This status also applies to students enrolled in an SCE certificate program only (other than the Teacher Certification Program). You cannot qualify for financial aid as a non-degree student.

Degree-seeking students have applied to and been accepted into an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program, or the Teacher Certification Program (TCP). Financial aid  is available once you have been admitted to a program and enroll in a minimum of six credits a semester.