Take A Class Part-Time ─ Online, On Campus, or a Little of Both

Most students take 1 or 2 classes each semester toward their degree or certificate program. We also invite students to take classes without an initial commitment (no application needed). This is a great way to build skills or gain confidence that Providence College School of Continuing Education is right for you

At PC’s School of Continuing Education, getting ahead is low cost and low pressure. Our courses have an “all-in” cost of $404 per credit ($1,212 per 3-credit course)*. 

*Unlike most schools, PC has very few add-on fees. The few fees we do charge are for special course features, like labs or some distance learning. 

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Our fall course schedule offers nearly 50 evening classes covering a wide range of subjects. Fall classes consist of an intensive 3- week, two 5-week sessions, and 10-week open to new and current students. Course formats will vary from 100% in-person to 100% online.

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If you’re visiting from another college or simply want to take class(es).

Any issues with the course search reach out by chat or phone.

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Health Care Administration

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