Career Information

We know many SCE students enroll in order to find a job, or a better job, or to move up in their organizations. We want to lend some help in the process. While we can’t provide a full range of career services, we can lend some direction and  guidance. There are many free, and excellent resources available online today.

Search Job Sites


Providence College employment database that contains a listing of job opportunities and internship opportunities.  This site requires a password and is only available to degree seeking students.  Please contact to receive the password.

Other Sites

Be sure to search sites like,, and local sites as well as industry specific sites for job postings.

Search Engines

It may seem simple, but try searching for the career you are interested in using Google or Bing. You can often find articles and resources that will provide you with information to help your search.

Network with Others

Networking is a great way to find out more information about companies and career paths. While Networking is not about asking for jobs, it does introduce you to people and can provide you with tips on breaking into a field or company.


has a variety of networking and job search resources. Create a profile, join groups, follow companies, search jobs and more! Building your brand via your LinkedIn profile is a crucial part of your job search.