Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate

Enhance your interactions with clients, students, and others in need with the help of your therapy pet

The Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate — officially called the DJ Professional Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate (“DJ” was the name of the first dog to complete the program) — is a three-course, non-credit program that trains human and pet teams in the theoretical and practical aspects of pet assisted therapy (PAT). Teams who successfully complete the program are eligible for credentialing through the Windwalker Humane Coalition for Professional Pet Assisted Therapy.  

Pet Therapy Student and Her Pet

Program Design

This training was primarily created for human service professionals, such as social workers, clinical or school psychologists, home health aides, and others who want to enhance their interactions with clients or students through the love of their therapy pet. However, this program is open to anyone wishing to share their pet for the support of others, especially seniors, veterans, children, the disabled, or those grieving. 

Highlights of the Pet Assisted Therapy program include:  

  • 3 courses 
  • $200/course 
  • Eligibility for credentialing upon completion with Windwalker
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