Professional Development

Learning is a lifelong process – no matter where you’re at in your career or life there is always more to explore, know and do.  

At Providence College School of Continuing Education (PCSCE), our non-credit workshops and certificates provide hyper-focused professional development in a short format – all built on PC’s distinctive learning experience and taught by the College’s distinguished faculty.   

Spring Programs to Begin in March

New insights and skills await you with PCSCE’s spring lineup of professional development programs. Nearly all programs are eight-session certificates completed 100% online. Those interested can view how our professional development programs differ from our Degree and Certificate programs and which is the best fit for your goals.

Data Analytics & Visualization Certificate

data analytics illustration

This 8-session program will provide participants with an in-depth introduction to popular data visualization techniques and tools, including Tableau, Power BI, and other software. Participants have the flexibility to take the course in its entirety or sections that are most relevant to them.

Online Saturday Mornings, March 11-May 13

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Effective Negotiations

Hand shaking illustrating Negotiations

Gain practical negotiation skills and earn a certificate in negotiation with this 8-session, hands on training program. Each session will build upon previous lessons. Participants will learn proven techniques and practice each through role playing. Negotiation is a part of life—at home and in the workplace; participants will be able to apply their new skills in a variety of ways.

Online Saturday Mornings, March 11-April 22

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Environmental, Social, and Governance Certificate

ESG illustrative image

This 8-session program will provide an overview of trends in the field of social impact and why more companies are focusing on and investing in becoming more socially responsible. It will explain the why and how of measuring impacts through environment, social and governance (ESG).

Online Wednesday Evenings &, March 8 – April 26

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate

Entrepreneurship concept

In this 9-session program, you will acquire the skills, methods, and tools to develop and build innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative solutions to challenging real-life problems. You will engage in an immersive, experiential, and hands-on learning environment and learn to empower yourself and others on your team to solve difficult problems and seize opportunities. What may be most important, however, is how you will become able to translate this experience into relevant learning as you embark on your career with entrepreneurship and innovation skills that are key to success.

Online Tuesday Evenings, March 7 – April 25

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Microsoft Excel Associate & Expert Certification

Spreadsheet work on a laptop

Whether you’re just learning how to create spreadsheets or need to perform advanced data analysis with functions, formulas, and charts, Microsoft Excel can help you unlock the maximum potential of this popular data analysis software. Upon successful completion of the respective certification exam at the end of the program, students will receive either the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate or Expert certification.

Online Wednesday Evenings, March 1 – April 5 and April 12 – May 31

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Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate

Pet Therapy Student and Her Pet

Enhance your interactions with clients, students, and others in need with the help of your therapy pet.

The Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate — officially called the DJ Professional Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate (“DJ” was the name of the first dog to complete the program) — is a three-course, non-credit program that trains human and pet teams in the theoretical and practical aspects of pet assisted therapy (PAT). 

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PCSCE Workshop, Degree or Certificate Program: 

Finding the Right Fit For Your Goals

If you know you need to learn more so you can move ahead in your career but you’re unsure if it’s best to do so through a workshop, degree or certificate program, we’re here to help. Review the information below to help inform your decision and feel free to talk with a PCSCE academic adviser for some friendly guidance on which program best fits your goals. 

 Workshop Credit CertificateDegree
Main Goal:Quickly build new 
knowledge or skills in a focused area of 
Build new knowledge and skills
in an area of professional expertise and earn
a new credential to strengthen your resumé -
whether you already have a degree or not. 
Earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s
degree, required for advancement
in many 
professional careers 
Average time to completion:4 – 6 weeks 12 – 24 monthsTypically 2 years or more, depending on
prior learning and experience and
current course pace
College credit is awarded for coursework, and a  credential is earned upon program completion:  NoYesYes
Coursework can be “stacked” to earn 
a higher credential:  
No - completed workshops may not be applied
toward a certificate or degree 
Yes - certificate coursework may be
applied toward a degree 
Eligible for financial aid:  NoOnly Teacher Certification and Pre-Med/Pre-Health Certificate are eligible  Yes
Eligible for PCSCE 
payment plan: