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The In-Demand Skill All SCE Students Can Build With a Single Click

What’s one skill that is in high demand by employers and yet often sorely lacking in employees? Writing.

In its Job Outlook 2018 survey of employers, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that over 80% of its members agreed that writing is among the top skills they value. As communication skills become ever more important across all industries, strong writing skills are one of the traits that can help to set you apart and get you ahead in the workplace (not to mention making college a whole lot easier, too).

That’s where Providence College’s Writing Center can prove an invaluable tool in not only boosting college performance but providing a competitive edge after graduation. Even better, its tutoring services are available in person in Room 248 of Phillips Memorial Library, as well as online through the “Write Site,” making it even easier to master the wordsmithing skills adult students need to succeed.

Unfortunately many SCE students don’t take advantage of this powerful resource, something that Associate Director of the Writing Center Will Toner hopes to change.

“Interaction, or being able to discuss your ideas and writing with interested readers, is a fundamentally critical component of the writing process,” says Toner.  “We want SCE students to feel at home in the Writing Center, and to remember that we are open weekday evenings and on Sundays to accommodate various types of schedules.”

In addition to extensive opportunities for in-person tutoring (including evening hours), the Writing Center provides the Write Site, a webpage through which students can upload papers and receive feedback from a tutor via email in two to three days. Papers should be submitted at least three days in advance of the due date to allow ample time to receive feedback, and students are encouraged to enter thoughtful and detailed answers to the questions on the submission form to help guide tutors in providing the type of feedback they’re looking for. Students may also submit papers even if the piece isn’t yet fully written to receive valuable feedback at various stages of the writing process.

“We understand that many SCE students have busy schedules as they juggle work, family, and academic responsibilities.  That is what makes the Write Site an ideal resource for SCE students.  Through the Write Site, students can receive personalized insights and advice from our tutors via their PC email in three days or less.” says Writing Center Graduate Assistant Lauren Berolini.

In addition to tutoring and review of student papers, the Writing Center also offers specialized support to students for whom English is a second language, and hosts occasional presentations by guest speakers with a variety of writing experience, including award-winning authors, journalists and writing professors.

In-person tutoring at the Writing Center is by appointment only, and can be scheduled by calling the Writing Center’s front desk at (401) 865-1286. To submit a paper for review and feedback via the Write Site, visit and click on the link for “Online Tutoring.”

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