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Marc Paulhus ‘84SCE, President, Citizens Bank RI

My Return on Education (ROE): Marc Paulhus ‘84SCE, President, Citizens Bank RI

​​“Nobody expects a bank president to start out as a teller.” So says Marc Paulhus ‘84SCE. But today, more than 30 years after earning his BS in Business Management from Providence College School of Continuing Education (PCSCE), he is President of Citizens Bank Rhode Island.

How did he do it? Paulhus attributes his success to two major factors: the opportunity to go back to school as a working adult and what he calls the “powerful” combination of practical on-the-job experience and an education of academic excellence.

“Without SCE, I don’t have a college degree…and so for me,  it’s no SCE – then no college, no career,” Paulhus says. “I kind of knew I wanted to get into finance and I was really big on starting at the bottom so I was a teller during the day and I went to night school at night …it was the opportunity to go to school [that made the difference], because I had to work and I needed tuition assistance and without those things there’s no undergraduate degree, there’s no future and Providence is the foundation on which [my] entire career was built…Providence College is part of who I am.”

Below, hear more from Paulhus about his experience working his way to the top of his field, the role PCSCE played in that success, and what he feels has been his “ROE” – Return on Education – as a result.

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