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12 Questions with PC SCE Assistant Dean Anne Nagle

​If you’re an SCE alumni or current student, chances are great that you not only know her, but love her. SCE Assistant Dean Anne Nagle has been encouraging and guiding PC’s continuing education students since she joined the team in 1992. Along the way she’s gotten to know and admire many a student – but how much do you know about her?

A native of Newport, Rhode Island, she now resides in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Her own educational background seems the perfect preparation for the important role she plays at PC today. She earned a BA in Sociology from Boston College and a Master’s in Human Development from Salve Regina University. But even if her education wasn’t such a perfect entrée to what she does now, her supportive and positive nature would.

Read on to learn more…

  1. The last thing I read was:
    The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry – by Kathleen Flinn, about her time at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris
  2. ​Number one on my bucket list is:
    Trying to travel to Italy one more time with my 93-year-old mother!
  3. My favorite movie is:
    Cinema Paradiso, because it’s so evocative of Italy, family, love of movies – I cry every time I see it.
  4. If I wasn’t teaching or working in my chosen field, I would:
    Be trying to learn how to sing.
  5. The most memorable moment in my career is:
    When an older adult learner came in to see me during her first semester and said, ‘I discovered something; I’m smart!”  She was incredibly proud.
  6. The scariest thing I’ve ever done is:
    Travel to Russia with my husband to adopt our first child.
  7. My iTunes account (or CD rack) is mostly filled with:
    Soft rock, folk and pop music.
  8. My favorite spot on campus is:
    The small garden and fountain by the Arts Building on lower campus.
  9. If I had to choose just one, I’d choose: dog, cat, or goldfish?
  10. People would be surprised to know that:
    I am not always smiling!
  11. What do you like most about teaching adult students?
    What I love most about working with adults is that every student represents a different story; combined, they create a rich quilt of experiences, challenges, strengths, and skills.
  12. Do you feel you’ve learned anything from your students in return?
    I learn from my adult student advisees every single day:  I learn about different occupational fields, generational differences, personal and professional challenges, interests, backgrounds, and the amazing courage and strength that our SCE students possess.

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