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GATA (Guaranteed Admission and Tuition Agreement)

The Guaranteed Admission and Tuition Agreement (GATA) program offers students at participating two-year colleges an incredible opportunity: the ability to be guaranteed admission and significantly reduced tuition to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Providence College through the School of Continuing Education (SCE), after they’ve graduated with an associate’s degree from their current college.

The benefits of the GATA program for those who qualify include:

  • Guaranteed admission to PC SCE, and no fee to apply
  • Advising services from both your current two-year college and SCE advisers while you complete your associate’s degree
  • A 33% discount on PC SCE tuition – and our overall cost to attend is already lower than RIC, URI and many other four-year state schools, even before the 33% discount.
  • Invitations to special activities and programs for GATA students
  • The admission offer is not binding – that means that if you are accepted into PC SCE through the program, you are not obligated to attend once you graduate from your current college

Currently, the GATA program is open to students at Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) and Bristol Community College.

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