Gerald Elysee, Ph.D.

Health Information Technology Faculty, Researcher, and Department Administrator

PCSCE faculty member Gerald Elysee,


Highest degree earned: Ph.D. in Organization & Management with a specialization in Information Technology (IT) Management, Capella University

Current Employer: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Massachusetts; Providence College, Rhode Island

Significant projects: Dr. Elysee is active in Health Information Technology (Health IT) research focusing on three principal themes: (1) understanding the relationships between critical Health IT capabilities, (2) determining how these capabilities impact healthcare outcomes, such as readmissions, mortality, morbidity, care quality, and cost reduction, and (3) assessing how organizational factors can mediate these relationships. Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R01HS022882), his latest research with colleagues from Yale School of Medicine and New York University Langone Medical Center examines the association between 30-day readmission rates and health information technology capabilities in US hospitals. For free access to published article, click here.

Biography: Dr. Elysee is a Professor and the Chair of the Health Information Technology programs at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. As part of these roles, he has taught several Health IT courses, while leading and managing the program planning, assessment, curriculum development, industry advisory boards, faculty hiring, development, and promotion, evaluation, annual reporting, outcomes assessment, and substantive change report for submission to NECHE. He’s working with multiple stakeholders to expand the Health IT BS program to establish a Public Health and Data Analytics track within it to address pandemic workforce needs. An honors PhD graduate, he has extensive experience in quantitative research methodology, including survey development, and statistical analyses. In his teachings, he enjoys integrating demystification and positive education approaches to explain concepts that are complex and difficult to understand.

Courses taught:
Healthcare Information Systems
Computer Information Systems in Health Policy and Management
Topics in Healthcare Statistics