David M. Pasquariello

Highest degree earned: Ph.D.

School where that degree was earned: Brown University

Current Employer: Swansea School Department

Biography: I’m a PC graduate (B.S., ‘76), and have many fond memories of teachers and classmates. Of course, I’m happy to say that I met my wife (B.S., ‘77) there as well! While I enjoyed several bench-level chemistry jobs after graduation, my wife encouraged me to pursue my doctorate at Brown (Solid State Chemistry, ‘85). I began teaching in the SCE at that time. Lithium battery and chemical sensor research were my main occupation for 15 years. The sale of my employer led to a career change in 2000. I have been teaching secondary science, mostly chemistry, since then. I quite enjoy the array of students whom I have had the pleasure of teaching both at PC, and in high school, and am especially happy to help them pursue their career goals. Many have gone on to become nurses, physician assistants and doctors.

When away from work, I enjoy gardening, cooking, photography, and traveling.

Courses taught: General Chemistry (CHM 103) and General Chemistry Lab (CHM 103L)