Ann W. Norton, Ph.D.


Highest Degree Earned: Ph.D., New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts

Employer: Providence College: Full time 1989-2017; (now retired)

Significant Projects: Art related to war, cultural trauma and migration, especially Afghanistan

Sample courses: Architecture, Culture, Design

Frank Lloyd Wright

Islamic Art and Culture

Brief Biography:

Direct cultural experience has been vital throughout Professor Norton’s teaching career. For 2 ½ years she taught architectural history at Dhaka Engineering university, Bangladesh. In her Asian travels over many years she observed art and architecture of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, all of which informed her teaching and her curated exhibitions. In 2007 she visited Afghanistan as part of her study in art related to war. In the summers of 2010 and 2011 she visited Outer Mongolia to research the resurgence of Buddhism as well as the continued practice of Shamanism. Her present research is on sun-worship and its reflection in art, especially in Central Asia.