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Descriptions of Special Topics and Seminar Courses

Fall 2019: Descriptions of Special Topics and Seminar Courses


An exploration into the history and richness of the contributions made toward literature, art and music following the migration and settlement of African Americans in Harlem in the 1920s. This cultural journey offers students the opportunity to engage in activities of social discourse and creative reflection as they become immersed in the writings, artwork and music of that era.

We will investigate the evolution of American society from the beginnings of the federal republic to the end of the Jacksonian period from 1800-1848. We will begin with Jefferson’s democratic vision of American society and government in reaction to the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams. We will then examine how this vision informed his actions as president from 1800-1808. We will then turn our attention to Andrew Jackson, the symbol for a new age in American politics. Special attention will be devoted to the changes in politics and culture, the emergence of new and more active abolitionist movement and the underground railroad.

INT 270: ST: Studies on Genocide
This course will enlighten students about the individual leaders who perpetrated and the social climate that supported these genocides, as well as the devastation burdening the survivors. Students will come to understand that genocide only succeeds because of the silence of those who knew about it but did nothing to stop it. Historical, social, cultural, and political elements will be reviewed and discussed. Readings and films — both documentary and theatrical — will be used in this investigation.

INT 270: The History of Women and Work in the United States
This course provides a chronological overview of women at work in the United States from colonial times to the present.
The final segment of the course will focus upon recent work trends impacting women, including the rise of both single-headed and dual-income households and sexual harassment in the workplace.

LDR 490 Practical Lessons in Leadership
This course contrasts simplistic popular approaches to leadership and more abstract sophisticated theories through practical case studies. It demonstrates how theory
and practice are linked. It illustrates how academic research is crucial to understanding real life applications.