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Theology Degree

Degree Program: Bachelor of Arts

Immerse yourself in Scripture. Unravel the questions of moral theology. Our rich Dominican and Catholic heritage makes PC the perfect fit for anyone looking to achieve a deep understanding of theological thought within a spiritually rich environment.


As you develop knowledge about the Church and its teachings, you may also build a passion for theology that can lead to advanced graduate study or professional opportunities.

Sample courses

  • Catholic Social Thought
  • Church in Today‚Äôs World
  • Principles of Moral Decision
  • The Letters of St. Paul

Additional information regarding the curriculum can be found on the catalog site.

What You Can Do With a Theology Degree

Though the most obvious career choice may seem to be a minister or other spiritual leader, theology graduates can be found in a range of occupations. You may consider a career in parochial school teaching, fundraising, or community-based roles such as social work, counseling, or government policymaking.

No matter your professional path, a theology degree helps you understand the foundations of our culture, discern ways to honor your spirituality in the secular world, and grapple with the moral and ethical challenges that we all face. Lawyers, politicians, journalist, and other professionals also often consult with theology graduates for their insight and expertise in matters of religious diversity.