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Social Science Degree

Degree Program: Bachelor of Arts 

Car companies making more hybrids. Police departments reducing crime by scrubbing graffiti from buildings. Professional baseball teams hiring psychologists to improve batting averages.

All of these decisions are based in the study of society and behavior—the root of the social sciences. If this interests you, our social science program is truly your program. You can choose to focus on history, or psychology, sociology, or law. Let your interests take you where you want to go.


As a Social Science major, the choice is literally yours. Courses in economics can be paired with courses in political science. Psychology courses can be taken alongside history and sociology courses. This program is the definition of an interdisciplinary, individualized major — a major that prepares you to better understand your world and better navigate the job market or prepare for graduate school.

Sample Courses

  • America in the Sixties
  • Aging and Health
  • American Government and Politics
  • The Philosophy of Violence
  • Sociology of the Family
  • Psychology of Abnormal Behavior

Additional information regarding the curriculum can be found on the catalog site.

Student Profile

Marjorie Drew

B.S. History

Volunteer, R.I. Southern Volunteer Group and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

When a medical condition forced Marjorie to switch careers, she turned to the SCE to pursue a degree—and she couldn’t be happier with her choice.

SCE is a great place for someone who is thinking of finishing a degree or starting a new career. Class sizes are small, professors are very knowledgeable and helpful, and there is academic help and financial aid and scholarships.

What You Can Do With a Social Science Degree?

An education that covers so many areas is one that prepares you for so many careers. Your training in economics means you can be an account executive or a restaurant manager. Your courses in political science could inspire you to run a campaign or even run for office. Your sociology training could lead you to a career in social work or family services. Wherever you want to go, a social science degree could be that powerful catalyst that leads you there.