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Liberal Studies Degree

Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Why Get a Liberal Studies Degree?
An Incredibly Flexible Curriculum, A Wide Variety of Careers
The Liberal Studies curriculum combines a broad range of study with focused skill building, providing a powerful foundation that opens the door to begin or advance your career in a wide variety of fields. The program is also highly customizable, allowing you to design your studies to match your interests and goals. The cornerstone course at the start of the program and capstone course at the end allow you to integrate prior life and work experience into your coursework, while the three thematic areas of Self, Society and World give you the freedom to choose courses that further your specific goals.

You can also easily combine your degree in Liberal Studies with a certificate in teaching, accounting, business, management, leadership development, legal studies, organizational communication and more, providing the ability to focus your studies and boost your credentials in a specific area of your choosing.

The Ability to Transfer More Credits Means You Can Finish Your Degree Faster
In addition to paving the way for a wide variety of careers, the broad and flexible nature of the Liberal Studies curriculum has another benefit – it allows for the greatest opportunity to transfer credits from prior learning, making it an ideal choice for students seeking to transfer a large number of credits. SCE has a generous transfer policy – up to 75 credits – which allows students to complete the degree faster and at a lesser cost.

Why Choose SCE?
A Curriculum Built On PC’s Distinctive Liberal Arts Core That Builds The Skills Employers Want
As its name implies, a Liberal Studies degree includes broad study in the liberal arts, which builds the “soft skills” that are increasingly critical to today’s (and tomorrow’s) workplace. In fact, a 2018 study conducted by The Association of American Colleges & Universities found that “employers overwhelmingly endorse broad learning and cross-cutting skills as the best preparation for long-term career success,” citing oral and written communication, critical thinking, ethical judgment, teamwork, and the real-world application of skills and knowledge as being the most critical skills for success – all of which form the basis of a Liberal Studies degree.

Our Liberal Studies degree program is grounded in PC’s strong and distinctive liberal arts core curriculum, which instills the skills that are critical to adapt and grow in an ever-changing job market. You won’t just learn information, you’ll learn how to keep learning, exploring and growing. In this way, a Liberal Studies degree and a liberal arts education won’t just help you to get your first job, it will also prepare you to get your last.

A Surprisingly Affordable, Uniquely Flexible and Supportive Adult Education Program

  • Study at your own pace and on a schedule that works for you, with classes offered online, in the evenings and on weekends
  • Our tuition is less than most state schools in the region, at $375 per credit. Plus, we offer financial aid, scholarships and payment plans
  • We allow you to transfer up to 75 credits from prior education, so you can finish even faster (and at a reduced cost)
  • We also award credit for military experience and qualifying prior work or life experience
  • Our small classes are led by faculty who understand and accommodate the needs of working adults
  • Our advisers help you get started and are always available to support you along the way
  • You’ll graduate with a degree from Providence College, a prestigious institution that has been repeatedly named the top regional university in the northern United States by U.S. News and World Report
  • See all the ways PC makes it possible for adults to earn a degree and reach their professional and personal goals