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History Degree

The study of history involves studying the past, of course – but it’s the ability to make connections to today’s world and the understanding of different cultures that makes it so valuable. A history degree from Providence College will instill not only the historical knowledge, but the critical thinking to assess historical sources and the analytic reasoning necessary to apply that knowledge in order to impact the world of today – making you a valuable asset in a wide array of industries and professions.

Why Get a History Degree at SCE?

Serve Society By Applying Knowledge of the Past to the Issues of Today
When a gun control bill is discussed in the media, current issues are intertwined with the American Revolution and the Constitution. When the banking and mortgage crises hit, past economic recessions, deregulation, and lending practices were brought to the forefront.

From government to private industry, the ability to make informed decisions and to form sound policies is dependent on the ability to make relevant connections to the events of the past, learn from them, and plan accordingly.

A Curriculum That Embraces Study of Not Only the “What,” But Also The “Why”
The courses offered in our History program reflect the depth, complexity, and richness of the human experience, and how those experiences played into the events that have shaped the world. You’ll explore U.S. history by studying about the Native American legacy, labor movements, the rights of women and minorities, and presidential elections. You’ll discover Europe by diving deeply into the Enlightenment, the Cold War, and the religious friction in Northern Ireland. East Asia and the Middle East will be explored. We even cover Rhode Island history by examining the rum and slave trade, the Industrial Revolution, and the growth of the state’s cities.

A Distinctive Core Curriculum Focused on Putting Knowledge Into Action
You will benefit from the valuable knowledge and soft skills gained from Providence College’s distinctive core curriculum. It is the heart of the liberal arts education for which Providence College is well known. These 14 courses are designed to teach you how to question assumptions, think critically and communicate effectively. You’ll gain a new understanding and appreciation for the complexities of the world and your role in it – qualities that are essential to putting the study of history into practical use in the real world.

A Surprisingly Affordable, Uniquely Flexible and Supportive Adult Education Program

  • Study at your own pace and on a schedule that works for you, with classes offered online, in the evenings and on weekends
  • Our tuition is less than most state schools in the region, at $375 per credit. Plus, we offer financial aid, scholarships and payment plans
  • We allow you to transfer up to 75 credits from prior education, so you can finish even faster (and at a reduced cost)
  • We also award credit for military experience and qualifying prior work or life experience
  • Our small classes are led by faculty who understand and accommodate the needs of working adults
  • Our advisers help you get started and are always available to support you along the way
  • You’ll graduate with a degree from Providence College, a prestigious institution that has been repeatedly named the top regional university in the northern United States by U.S. News and World Report
  • See all the ways PC makes it possible for adults to earn a degree and reach their professional and personal goals