Bachelor of Arts in History

A degree that connects the lessons of history to impact the world of today

A history degree from Providence College instills both historical knowledge and the analytical reasoning to apply that knowledge for the addressment of today’s complex issues. When a gun control bill is introduced, current issues become entangled with rights forged during the American Revolution and formation of the Constitution. During the banking and mortgage crises, prior economic recessions, deregulation, and lending practices were brought to the forefront. The ability to form sound policies and solutions using historical data/insights will make you a valuable asset for roles in government to private industry.

The courses offered in our history program reflect the depth, complexity, and richness of the human experience, and how those experiences play into the events that shape our world.  

Your U.S. history studies will explore the Native American legacy, labor movements, the rights of women and minorities, and presidential elections. You’ll discover Europe by diving deeply into the Enlightenment, the Cold War, and the religious friction in Northern Ireland. From there, you’ll explore the major events and issues that shaped the Middle East and Africa. We even cover Rhode Island history by examining the rum and slave trade, the Industrial Revolution, and the growth of the state’s cities. 

Additionally, you’ll have 15 free elective courses to widen or deepen your study in a particular historical area. These electives could also be used to complete a résumé-boosting certificate in businessmanagementleadershiporganizational communication, or legal studies.   

By the Numbers

11 Courses

33 total credits needed to complete this degree  

75 Credits

Accepted for faster degree completion  


Student-to-faculty ratio for a highly personalized program  


Here we spotlight a few of the faculty contributing to this program. 

Professor Erik Chaput

Erik J. Chaput, Ph.D.  
Professor Chaput is a recognized expert in American and Rhode Island history as well as an author. He teaches courses in the American Revolution, Civil War, and Age of Jefferson and Jackson.   

Matthew Dowling, Ph.D
Professor Dowling is a historian of modern France, with a focus on the intersection of religious and social history. His past research includes examining the role of French missionaries in the Pacific during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You’ll likely have him for courses in modern European history. He also teaches an introductory course in African history. 

Darra Mulderry, Ph.D. 
Professor Mulderry is an expert in modern U.S. history, European Intellectual history, and religious history. She is the director of National Fellowships and Scholarships, associate director of the Center for Engaged Learning at Providence College, and associate editor of the New England Journal of History. 

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