Organizational Communication Certificate

Hone the communication skills employers demand or prepare for your career in PR, journalism, and marketing/advertising 

The Certificate in Organizational Communication will significantly improve your writing and public speaking skills and support your success in virtually any profession. It explores effective interpersonal and intercultural communication, as well as the impact of various mediums used (e.g. social media, television/film, online advertising, etc.). This program is especially beneficial to those working (or aspiring to work) in advertising/marketing, journalism, and public relations.  

This 5-course, part-time program covers the following topics and more: 

  • Writing and presenting in the workplace 
  • Writing for journalism, PR, and advertising 
  • How communications media influence our lives and change our society 
  • Intercultural communication and culture shock 
  • Principles of marketing in the domestic and global marketplace 
  • Conflict resolution techniques 

The Organizational Communication Certificate can be completed as a stand-alone program or you may combine it with the Bachelor of Professional Studies program, the fastest way to degree completion. 

5 Courses

15 total credits needed to complete this program

9-12 Months

is the average completion time for those studying part-time


transfer credits may be applied 

The Professional Impact of Oral Communication

In this video, Professor Patricia Tulli-Hawkridge describes how this program helps PCSCE students “find their voice” and become a greater influence inside and outside the workplace.

The Dos and Don’ts of Communicating in Today’s Workplace

Career development expert Professor Sarah Burrows, Ed.D., highlights several guiding principles for communicating with colleagues – either virtually or in-person – in order to be seen as an accountable, reliable, solutions-oriented, and team-oriented professional.


Here we spotlight a few of the faculty contributing to this program.

PCSCE faculty member Patricia Tulli-Hawkridge

Patricia Tulli-Hawkridge, MFA 
Professor Tulli-Hawkridge is a speech and dialect expert who helps students sharpen their public speaking effectiveness. She was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2019. She teaches COM 103 (Introduction to Public Speaking) and TDF 102 (Introduction to Oral Communication).  

Sarah Burrows, Ed.D.

Sarah Burrows, Ed.D. 
Professor Burrows is a lifelong communications, leadership, and career development professional. She teaches COM 210 (Organizational Communication) and LDR 490 (Leadership and Communication).

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