Effective Negotiations Certificate

Gain Practical Negotiation Skills for Professional or Personal Use 

Everyone negotiates. Whether it is in their personal or professional lives, formally and informally, we all negotiate and often without any formal training.   

This course will aid you in becoming a successful negotiator. The definition of success is achieving your goals; often both sides can achieve their desired outcomes with the right strategy in place. Understanding the undercurrent of the negotiation process, the psychology behind it, and your own validated personality traits will strengthen your negotiation skills.   

The program can be taken in its entirety, or by one or more individual modules. Register for the entire program, or specific sections.

  • Effective Negotiations (entire course)
  • Negotiation Basics
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Negotiation Skills
Business People Negotiation

Program Highlights

  • Strategic negotiation and proven techniques
  • The psychology of negotiating with specific personality styles
  • Hands on practice with personalized feedback

Program Design

This 6-week program provides live online sessions in which the format is interactive between the facilitator and the participants. It is designed for professionals at all levels. The first session provides a solid foundation of knowledge and hands on experience. In the second and third sessions, participants will learn crucial preparation and research techniques and engage in practice negotiations with personalized feedback. 

Your World Class Instructor

Jacqueline G. Kelley, Esq.

Jacqueline G. Kelley, Esq. 

Professor Kelley has worked in various legal and human resource professional capacities for the State of Rhode Island since 1992. She has been involved in collective bargaining negotiations for the State under several administrations, as well as having represented the State in court, arbitrations, and grievances. She has a BA in Social Psychology from Tufts University and a Law Degree from Boston University. She is on various boards, holding officer roles for the Rhode Island Labor and Employment Relations Association, International Public Management Association, and American Public Human Services Association Attorney Affiliate. She is also a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association and Society for Human Resource Management. 

  • Effective Negotiations (entire course)- $1600
  • Negotiation Basics – $625
  • Negotiations Strategies – $625.00
  • Negotiations Skills – $625.00