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What’s an Internship?

An internship is a structured, supervised work experience that enables students to earn academic  credit while
gaining practical, professional exposure to a particular career field. Students are responsible for researching
and selecting potential internship positions and initiating contact with employers. You must register and pay for
an internship as you would any other course. Internship credit cannot be awarded retroactively.

Who can do an Internship?

All SCE students in a degree program can register for and complete an internship. If you are in a Bachelor’s program,
you may complete two  three  credit  internships.  Associate  degree  students  may  complete  one three  credit internship.
Internships  will count towards  your free electives  and can  support  any major.

Why do an Internship?

Internships  are very important  for anyone  entering  a new field!

  • 92.5 % of employers  factor  in prior  experience  in hiring decisions
  • 77% of employers  prefer  relevant experience
  • 55% of employers  look  for relevant  internship experience
    (from  the National  Association  of Colleges  and  Employers,  2010 Job Outlook Survey)

How to find an Internship

  • Meet with your advisor  to see if an internship  makes  sense for  you
  • Review  postings  on eFriars
  • Network with family, friends, parents’  friends, classmates,  professors,  alumni,  employers,  etc.
  • Participate  in career  workshops  and fairs on campus
  • Use  Internship  Search Engines  listed below
  • Search specific organizations’ web pages and check their Careers Page and/or Human Resources or general  contact  information  and apply accordingly
  • Use Google to identify Chamber of Commerce sites for the town/city in which you wish to work and  use  their  “member directory”

Requirements for Earning Credit for your Internship

  • To earn three credits, you should expect to devote 8 – 12 hours a week to your internship during a semester  or term  and additional  academic work
  • You must  be in good  academic standing
  • Up to two  internships  can be taken  for credit
  • You must have a faculty supervisor who oversees the academic components and a supervisor at the internship  site who oversees  your work
  • Both  supervisors  will evaluate  your  internship performance

Internship Checklist

  • Identify  your area  of career interest
  • Create/update  your resume
  • Search  for internships
  • Write  cover letter
  • Apply  to  multiple internships
  • Brush  up on interview skills
  • Keep  a log of companies  and organizations  to which you’ve  applied  and when
  • Follow  up with  the internship site(s)
  • Find  a faculty supervisor

Once you obtain an Internship

  • Complete  the Learning  Agreement  with the faculty  supervisor  and the site supervisor
  • Submit Learning Agreement to SCE for final approval and registration. Students must register  and pay for an internship  like  any  other course

To learn more, contact SCE’s Academic Counselor, Jennifer Andrews. or contact SCE Office (401) 865-2487.